Sunday, 23 October 2016

Travelodge - Reading Central

Oxthorn House, 60 Oxford Road, Reading RD1 7LT

Rating 3/5
OK for an overnight stay

We've never really been to Reading before, and we booked this for an overnight stay so we could see a gig nearby. The hotel choice was really down to location - the venue for the gig we were seeing was only a short walk away.

This hotel is located in the centre of Reading, near Broad Street, with the shopping centres on the doorstep. So if you want to shop whilst you are in town, you are sorted.

The surrounding area is quite run down. The hotel itself does not have a bar or breakfast area (you can pre-order breakfast boxes with continental type breakfast in them) so other than your room, there is no where to relax. There are plenty of places to eat nearby, so you won't starve.

The room itself was typical of a Travelodge........ although the chair was a bit of a better standard than the usual plastic one you normally see in the room. Whoever thought it was a good idea to put the mirror on the side of the cupboard space, was an idiot. Unless you leaned totally to your left, whilst leaning over the table area, you couldn't use it!

Plug sockets are not great in any Travelodge and the number and location of the ones in this room were typical of every other Travelodge we have slept in... however, the lighting was good.

This hotel has the new style bed, which we have to admit is extremely comfortable.

The view from the window was of a side street.

There is no parking on site at the hotel, but the nearby Q-Park does the job. And at only £10 for 24 hours (using the discount voucher from the hotel) it is quite reasonable.

In all the hotel was fairly quiet, but the chatter of the housekeeping staff and rat-a-tat on the doors in the corridor outside was a tad annoying in the morning

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